What's the difference between writing and copywriting?


The term 'copywriting' tends to be applied to commercial and business writing as opposed to creative writing.


This is something that is often harder than it looks. You know what you want to say. In your mind, it’s absolutely perfect. 


Eloquent, persuasive, to the point … 


… and yet when you put pen to paper (or more realistically, finger to key), something entirely different emerges, something you don’t quite recognise: it’s a bit vague, not very punchy and to use the modern vernacular, a little bit without.


Everyone has experienced this brand of disappointment, and realised that they weren’t William Shakespeare reincarnated.


Written language is simply not the same as spoken language. You may be 'da bomb' down at the pub every Saturday night, or even King of the Conference Room, but the written voice is a whole different kettle of fish. Developing it takes work, practice, tonnes of reading and, most of all, time.


So whether you're an HR manager updating a new employee manual, a family-run adventure park putting together a promotional offer, an airline marketing manager creating a new brochure or a magazine editor looking for someone to pen a story, a copywriter is an invaluable resource.

I have written and sold over 100 French language and grammar articles, as well as marketing copy, website content, reports and press releases, among others.


By using a qualified copy-editor and proofreader you also make real savings, as you get all three stages of the process for the price of one.


Copywriting services can be used for:


  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Business reports
  • Promotional copy
  • Articles
  • Website content
  • Business correspondence
  • Press releases


Simply provide all the information on the piece you want written, including any research material, and specify the number of words, tone and audience. 


Note: This service is not available to students for any part of their course curriculum.


Your CV (or résumé) is your foot in the door.


The saying goes that first impressions are everything, and in that respect your CV is the only thing representing you to potential employers until the interview stage.


It therefore has to be error-free, concise, easy to absorb and eye-catching (but not gaudy), while containing all the key information and crucial points that a recruiter will want to see.


Many companies go about whittling down the pile of CVs they receive by simply scanning them until they find a spelling mistake or grammatical error.


The ideal style, content and layout of a CV will vary from job to job and industry to industry, which is why getting a professional to write your CV is highly advisable.


Moreover, it’s notoriously hard (and tedious) to write about yourself and blow your own trumpet; and being 'too close' to the subject matter, you may not necessarily see the wood for the trees.

Getting your mum or sister to write it may not be the best solution either, as they may be a little on the biased side of things.


The person best suited to selling you, oddly enough, will be someone with an objective point of view.


I write CVs for professional consultants as well as private individuals, and have a background in HR and recruitment.


For an extra £35, a standard covering letter tailored to your CV and in the same design concept can be provided, which you can adapt to suit each job application.

CV packages



For new graduates or people with 2 to 4 years' experience.




For people with 5 to 8 years' experience.




For people with 10+ years' experience.





For people in high-level leadership positions.


'Myriam is a highly professional writer and editor. I have given her a lot of work over the last few years and she has always produced excellent work in a timely fashion. She has a good eye for detail and will do a 100% accurate job. Myriam is easy to work with because you know that the writing will be flawlessly perfect. Great results, expert, good value.'

Jackie Hurst, Director, Supreme CVs/Real-Time Recruitment

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