French to English translation

I offer translation services from French to English.


Translation should be done in a language pair where the translator is a fluent speaker in the source language and a native speaker in the target language.


Translations carried out in the opposite direction will often result in something that isn't professional or idiomatic.


Having spent the first nine years of my life in France, and with French parentage, I have an instinctive understanding of French. Although English is thus not technically my 'first' language (timeline-wise), it has become my mother tongue.


As a professional English-language copy-editor and proofreader, I can provide translations that read smoothly and are targeted to your readership.


I have carried out translations for a variety of clients, including:


  • The Eyes (French/English photography magazine)
  • Robert Rose (Canadian cookbook)
  • Babylon Translations (law/business/finance)
  • Tetrad (Ubiqus) (law/business/finance)
  • Travod (various)
  • CICRP (heritage conservation website)
  • iCanlocalize (various)


ProZ Profile:

Wild game and wine

I recently contributed to the translation of a French-Canadian cookbook into Canadian English.

'Conscientious and efficient, Myriam Birch is a dependable resource for the quality control of our documents. We have built a solid relationship of trust with her. She has also been very flexible in her availability for urgent projects to be worked on in the evenings and weekends.'

Head of Proofreading & Quality Control, Tectrad (Ubiqus)

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