Latest Projects

Popular science (book)

I have just completed the copy-editing of a forthcoming Bloomsbury (Sigma) title, Built on Bones: 15,000 Years of Urban Life and Death by Brenna Hassett, about recent human evolution through the lens of archaeological bone evidence.

Photography (magazine)

I am the English-content copy-editor of the bilingual French/English photography quarterly The Eyes. I have just completed work on the seventh issue.

Photography – interviews (book)

I have edited the second volume of Rémi Coignet's Conversations, a collection of interviews with the world's leading photographers.

Travel industry (White Paper)

Copy-editing of the Amadeus/Griffith University joint White Paper Proving the Case: Carbon Reporting in Travel and Tourism. 

Wild game and wine

I recently contributed to the translation of a French-Canadian cookbook into Canadian English.

'Conscientious and efficient, Myriam Birch is a dependable resource for the quality control of our documents. We have built a solid relationship of trust with her. She has also been very flexible in her availability for urgent projects to be worked on in the evenings and weekends.'

Head of Proofreading & Quality Control, Tectrad (Ubiqus)

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