Editing, copywriting and translation services

I am a Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP), with over a decade's experience proofreading and copy-editing. 


I have a first-class degree from the University of Oxford in Archaeology & Anthropology, as well as certifications in copy-editing and proofreading from the SfEP and Chapterhouse Publishing.


While I specialise in the social sciences, business, finance, fiction and the arts, over the years I have worked on subjects as diverse as milking equipment, construction, IT, telecoms, tuberculosis, snowboarding, martial arts, the NHS and online gambling.


As a freelance, I can offer flexible, cost-effective services to suit the needs of each client. 


I work in both UK and US English, and specialise in the copy-editing of French to English translations.


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Myriam Birch MA (Oxon.)



Copy-editing is the process of working through a text to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, sense and structure. 


Proofreading follows copy-editing and involves looking for typos and minor errors, as well as checking layout, pagination and fonts. It is the final polish.


It's not always easy to turn your ideas into concise, captivating text. That's where a copywriting service can help.

Speechwriting & CVs

Speeches and CVs/résumés require specialist writing skills, and ideally an HR background.

French to English translation

I provide French to English non-technical translation services, specialising in business, finance, fiction and social sciences. 

French to English copy-editing

French to English translations need to be reviewed by someone who is a qualified proofreader in the target language as well as fluent in the source language.

Latest projects

Popular science (book)

I have just completed the copy-editing of a forthcoming Bloomsbury (Sigma) title, Built on Bones: 15,000 Years of Urban Life and Death by Brenna Hassett, about recent human evolution through the lens of archaeological bone evidence.

Photography (magazine)

I am the English-content copy-editor of the bilingual French/English photography quarterly The Eyes. I have just completed work on the seventh issue.

Photography – interviews (book)

I have edited the second volume of Rémi Coignet's Conversations, a collection of interviews with the world's leading photographers.

Travel industry (White Paper)

Copy-editing of the Amadeus/Griffith University joint White Paper Proving the Case: Carbon Reporting in Travel and Tourism

Fine arts (museum catalogue)

Copy-editing of the French to English translation of the collection catalogue for Musée Réattu, an art museum in Arles housing paintings and drawings (including works by Picasso) as well as sculptures and a large collection of photographs. 

Fine arts (gallery website)

Copy-editing of the French to English translation of the gallery Applicat-Prazan's website, including factsheets on all its exhibited artists (post-war European painters).

Manufacturing – farming equipment (catalogue)

Substantive copy-editing of milking equipment catalogue for Italian manufacturer Milkline.

Fiction – romance (novels)

Specialist copy-editing of French romance novels translated into English. This kind of proofreading requires knowledge of the source language and is done in conjunction with the source text for reference. I have recently completed my thirteenth novel for Éditions Addictives – Corps impatients  by Emma Green. 



Heritage conservation (website)

Translation from French to English of the website of the Centre Interdisciplinaire de Conservation et Restauration du Patrimoine (CICRP), a French public body active in all areas of cultural conservation and restoration.

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