Stuff I've done

Telecoms, IT & corporate

Clients include Nokia, Nokia Bell Labs, Omdia, Amadeus IT Group, KPMG, Inmarsat, the Foundation for Education Development (FED), Ubiqus/Acolad, the Society for Editors & Proofreaders (SfEP, now CIEP), DML Marketing, Cocota Studio, Impact Research and various asset management firms.

Finance and economic translations

Proofreading of translations in the finance, politics and economics sector for leading translation agencies such as Tectrad (Ubiqus).

Annual and ESG reports

Copyediting and proofreading of annual and ESG reports, including Amadeus IT Group's Global Report since 2014. 

Market research reports

Copyediting of utilities sector market research reports for the agency Impact Research.

Website content

Copyediting of corporate websites for, among others, asset management firms, insulation manufacturers and graphic designers.

Marketing material

Copyediting of a range of marketing material for businesses, including office property listings, a product catalogue for milking equipment and an instruction manual for tattooing equipment.

White papers

White papers and research papers for Nokia Bell Labs and Omdia in the telecoms sector and for Amadeus IT Group in the travel IT sector.

Art, photography & fiction

Clients include Skira, The Eyes, Multimedia Press/Addictives, Lunii and self-publishing authors.

The Eyes

Photography and European affairs magazine. I've copyedited the English translation of every issue to date (11).

JonOne by Théophile Pillault

Monograph on the American graffiti artist John Andrew Perello, aka JonOne.

Beauty and the Beast by Kent Monkman

Companion publication to the 2018 exhibition of works by Kent Monkman at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris.

Living with Charlotte Perriand by François Laffanour

Catalogue of the great French designer’s work, object by object.

The Trap by Lizzie Sadin

A French photojournalist's testimony of the trafficking of women in Nepal.

Splitting the Air: Art of Bamboo in Japan by Stéphane Martin 

Companion publication to the 2018/19 exhibition at the Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac in Paris.

The Black Cigar by Joseph M. Cardwell

Fiction thriller set in the 1980s about the adventures of a Royal Navy diver.

Call Me Baby by Emma Green

One among 13 romance titles I've copyedited for the French imprint Éditions Addictives (Multimedia Press).

Social sciences, popular science & natural history

Clients include Bloomsbury Sigma, Bloomsbury Wildlife, The Bright Press/Princeton University Press, the CNRS, the CICRP, Forum: Qualitative Social Research (FQS), Goldsmiths (University of London), Journal für Psychologie (Freie Universität Berlin) and a wide variety of academic clients.

Superheavy by Kit Chapman

Journey through the discovery of the superheavy elements. Shortlisted for the 2020 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books.

Built on Bones by Brenna Hassett

Vivid narrative of over 15,000 years of human urban habitation based on extensive archaeological bone evidence.

Kindred by Rebecca Wragg Sykes

Evocative, thorough exploration of the latest archaeological and biological research on Neanderthals.

When the Last Lion Roars by Sara Evans

In-depth review of the history and current plight of the lion.

Catching Breath by Kathryn Lougheed

Exploration of the history and science of tuberculosis.

The Missing Lynx by Ross Barnett

Palaeontological account of the extinct species of the British Isles.

The Long Spring by Laurence Rose

Journal of a journey tracing the arrival of spring from North Africa to Norway.

'Symbols in Motion' by S. Rigaud et al.

Paper on the spread of the Neolithic in the Mediterranean – one of many academic articles I've copyedited.

'Myriam has worked on a number of titles for Bloomsbury Wildlife and has consistently impressed me with her knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail, along with her excellent communication skills and ability to meet deadlines. She is very reliable and conscientious and I would highly recommend her for editing work.'

Editor, Bloomsbury Wildlife

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